Driving ROI from Display Advertising: E-Tailer Case Study

More and more marketers that I talk to are focused on building a solid relationship with their customers. It seems we are moving away from simply transactional experiences with customers. In my last blog, titled “Reinventing Our Marketing Behavior”, I briefly discussed that consumer capitalism, the effort by brands to maximize consumer satisfaction, was in […]

[Exclusive] Interview with SailThru – First Digital Marketer Interview

One of our latest partners, SailThru, recently launched their marketplace platform, Compass, for their 2k+ marketers. Not only are we honored to be one of the vendors on the platform, but we were also featured in their First Digital Marketer Interview. Check it out for our thoughts on content marketing and marketing automation SAILTHRU: What […]

Reinventing our marketing behavior

Reinventing our marketing behavior Ben Jorgensen Last week I gave a talk on “Reinventing the banner ad”, put on by Social Media Monthly. I wasn’t overly excited to talk about the the banner ad: no one likes banner ads, no one admits they click on them, and most people would rather attend/speak on well…just about […]

Is Ad Tech Being Haunted by the Ghosts of Ad Tech Past?

Is Ad Tech Being Haunted by The Ghost of Ad-tech Past? Being an ad tech startup these days comes with a ton of hurdles. Over the past 10 years, startups in the ad tech space approached brands with delusions of grandeur, over promising and under delivering. If you’re a new ad tech startup, this decade […]

Demand more from digital advertising. Demand something that speaks to you!

#morefromads You see 1,707 advertising banners every month. But what do you get from them? Demand more from advertising: #MoreFromAds. I am excited to announce that Klick Push is taking a stand against the bourgeoisie — “arise proletariat and break the shackles that confine you!” Actually, the announcement is quite far from a glimpse of the French […]

Can You Spot the Chasm? How we cross chasms that lead to growth

Every company crosses several major hurdles on their journey from inception to success and possibly failure: Sales Force crossed a major hurdle when they realized that they needed to sell their product to the sales individuals and not IT people; Facebook crossed this when they got adoption outside of the major universities, and most of […]