Demand more from digital advertising. Demand something that speaks to you!

More from ads
More from Ads

You see 1,707 advertising banners every month. But what do you get from them? Demand more from advertising: #MoreFromAds.

I am excited to announce that Klick Push is taking a stand against the bourgeoisie — “arise proletariat and break the shackles that confine you!” Actually, the announcement is quite far from a glimpse of the French Revolution — we are launching our own campaign to ignite consumers to call out and demand more from their advertising experience: #MoreFromAds.

We are extremely passionate about this campaign as its sentiment and purpose is rooted in the foundation of Klick Push. We started Klick Push in effort to make advertising a better experience, to give people something for their time, and allow marketers the ability to make advertising more interactive. We believed that music as a form of content, and something that all consumers consume and brands use to convey their message and culture could be used to make ads more interactive and engaging. To date, we have distributed millions of songs to people and have received some of the warmest customer service messages you could imagine.

We are now giving consumers, all of us, a voice in advertising. Call out your favorite brands, tell advertisers to give you something that speaks to you! Demand music! Click Here to join the movement and demand #MoreFromAds!

Join us, join me, invite friends and colleagues and demand more from digital advertising – #MoreFromAds by spread the word by sharing the following link: