Driving ROI from Display Advertising: E-Tailer Case Study

Klick Push - E-Tailer Case Study - Marketing with the science of music
Klick Push – E-Tailer Case Study – Marketing with the science of music

More and more marketers that I talk to are focused on building a solid relationship with their customers. It seems we are moving away from simply transactional experiences with customers. In my last blog, titled “Reinventing Our Marketing Behavior”, I briefly discussed that consumer capitalism, the effort by brands to maximize consumer satisfaction, was in full force. We recently launched a campaign with a major eCommerce brand that encompassed this philosophy regarding customer appreciation. The campaign’s mission was to “delight and surprise” customers. Their marketing team worked with Klick Push to create a display ad campaign designed to deliver 1) an AMAZING customer experience and 2) revenue in the form of online sales.

How it worked

First, we gathered insight around their target demographic which was established by their DMP (data management platform) data. A marketer from the team then boiled the data down to three specific target audience segments (High Level):

  • Segment 1: 18-25 year olds
  • Segment 2: 26-40 year olds
  • Segment 3: 45-65 year olds

Next, Klick Push segmented digital music, that would meet each audience segment. We created playlists of digital music that would appear within the display ad.

Finally, we launched the display ad campaign to consumers across the media of choice by the marketer. The experience for a consumer was similar to the music streaming application,  Pandora, where users would be able to preview the song from within the ad or skip the track to play the next best song that was curated and selected for them.

User experience:

  • User browsed the Internet and was deemed a target for a Klick Push-powered display ad
  • User previewed and engaged with music from within the ad (preview, skip, stream)
  • Once user liked the song they previewed, they could click on the call to action
  • After they clicked, users could download the song and learn more about the brand


Results showcased how personalized and curated music truly created a “best customer” experience by emotionally connecting with consumers.

As a result we saw amazing brand lift and performance from ROI to engagement:

  • .4% Engagement of ad (Industry standard – .08%)
  • .3% CTR (Industry standard – .05%)
  • 6:1 revenue to dollar spent ratio ($6 in revenue for every $1 spent – Double Click)
  • $145 was the average purchase order (30% increase from standard)

Furthermore, appealing to a consumer’s auditory senses not only has an overwhelming effect on a consumer’s desire to engage but it has a commanding effect on their purchasing decision. We see time and time again that customers, we, are more likely to interact with something that speaks to us and who we are as individuals. Music plays a key role in our lives, and when marketers use music to speak to us, we respond by taking action.

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-Ben Jorgensen, CEO and Co-Founder